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Director & Agribusiness Consultant

S. Steffens

+27 79 635 4882

Stefan is the managing director of Agriconsult Africa and has more than 12 years practical experience in Agriculture. He is a entrepreneur with a passion for developing successful agricultural projects. He has experience in livestock, cash crops, vegetable, soft fruit and table grape farming

Consulting Partner

Cobus Wiersma 

Cobus started his career in agriculture in 1998 as an agro-chemical consultant. He has been involved throughout Southern Africa in various crop focusing on crop protection. He is an a successful sales manager that has won awards at multinational level.  

Consulting Partner

Steve Cowell 

Steve has worked for the past 26 years in more than 6 African countries managing various commercially cultivated agricultural products. He is our expert on Sugar, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Macadamias and various other commodities. 

Consulting Partner

Christoff Lombard

Christoff has more than 20 years experience in the formal agricultural sector in South Africa. His experience includes business plan development, feasibility studies and project management within the table grape and wine grape industry. 

Operations Manager

L. Steffens

Louw has more than 30 years of practical agriculture experience in Africa. His knowledge lies within the practical implementation of livestock farming, vegetable & cash crop production and the forestry industry. 


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